Trademark & Service Marks

Legal professionals at A.S. BABBAR & CO. , will provide the highest quality research within a short timeframe and at a fraction of the traditional costs. Most importantly, our Intellectual Property support services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client. Depending on your specific needs, A.S. BABBAR & CO.  will conduct multi-level searches and list the most relevant results.

It is important to establish a distinction from your competitors so that your logos and slogans stand out.

A trademark and service mark are two important aspects of a company as they provide legal protection for your Company’s symbol, logo, slogans, designs, and names for goods, products, and services respectively.


trademark registration

Why this need to be done?

  • To restrict infringement of your marks to avoid any misuses.
  • To avoid long and expensive legal problems in the future.
  • To gain a competitive advantage.