Legal professionals at A.S. BABBAR & CO., will provide the highest quality research within a short timeframe and at a fraction of the traditional costs. Most importantly, our Intellectual Property support services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client. Depending on your specific needs, A.S. BABBAR & CO. will conduct multi-level searches and list the most relevant results.

A patent is a legal certificate declaring that apart from the patent holder no one can use, market and sell the invention or product for a period. The internet has provided a means to access all the information at your fingertips and someone can misuse your ideas and claim ownership. This has led to an increase in patent need. From individual inventors and ideas to small businesses and reputed companies, everybody needs a patent to legally stand firm. The patents are legally handled by government agencies and we provide you with all the counseling that is needed. We will help you with complexities while filing the patent application and till you receive your intellectual rights.


patent registration services

The reasons why you need a patent:

  • Incentives: Primitive incentives incorporated in the patent system include incentives to invent in the first place; to invest the sums necessary to research and to update and improve upon earlier patents.
  • Protection: Patents are meant to promote and encourage disclosure of innovations into the public domain for their welfare. Patents generally makes the aspects of an invention publicly available, for exploitation by anyone after the patent expires, or for further development by other inventors. Furthermore, when a patent’s term has expired, the public record assures that the patentee’s invention is not lost to humanity.