Drafting of Legal Documents

Legal professionals at A. S. Babbar & Co. , will provide the highest quality research within a short timeframe and at a fraction of the traditional costs. Most importantly, our Intellectual Property support services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client. Depending on your specific needs, A. S. Babbar & Co will conduct multi-level searches and list the most relevant results.

Securing your rights is a necessary step and with the help of our expert legal professionals, we will provide you all kinds of legal advice and also draft your legal documents. Whether you need vetting or drafting or registration and stamping of all types of documents like deeds and petitions, we have highly judgmental professionals at your service. We handle legal counseling on numerous documentation matters and our advocates make sure you don’t have to follow lengthy legal complications.



The below are the services that we offer:

  • Stamping sale deeds, lease deeds, transfer deeds, gift deeds, mortgages, wills, and other documents.
  • From the formation and registration of companies to the incorporation of companies and partnerships.
  • Online legal advice on documentation and registration-related services.

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Barcode Registration

The series of parallel black and white lines that we see on most of the products is called barcode. They are used in malls and stores during purchasing to keep accounting simple and also to keep track of the inventories. Barcode registration has been compulsory.


GS1 is the governing body that handles the registrations of barcode and is a not-for-profit organization under the ministry of commerce and industry established in 1996.


The following are the benefits of barcode registration:

  • Eliminate human error: With the help of barcodes, the occurrence of errors significantly decreases. It is fast and reliable and consumes less time than manual entry.
  • Reduce training time: Employees are required less training time in understanding the hand-help scanner. Training manual data entry is a burden to the company as it requires more resources and compensation.
  • Inexpensive design and printing: Designing of barcodes are inexpensive and easy costing merely pennies thus making them economical even in small businesses.
  • Versatile in nature: From tracing the products to outgoing shipments and equipment, barcodes can be attached to any surface thus making them versatile.
  • Improves inventory control: With the help of barcodes, the location of the goods and products can be traced in the inventory easily thus reducing the time for searching it in storages.
  • Rapid data availability: With the help of database management system in the central computer, searching of products becomes easy and also the data can be easily extracted for insights.

barcode registration

Shop & Establishment Registration

For doing any kind of business anywhere, we need to obtain the approval of the governing corporation. This ensures that your business can be developed without any complications. Loans from banks and obtaining GST registration is not possible witout the registration of this certificate. From new shops to commercial establishments, this act is made mandatory for all business entities even if you are working from home. The law also covers restaurants, hotels, theatres and other fields of businesses like public amusements. The law has imposed certain rules which must be followed like wage payments, leaves and holidays, work hours, etc.


gumasta license registration

You can register your business under four different categories as follows:

  • Register your shop as a Business Entity
  • Register your Shop as a Startup
  • Registration of Shop under MSME
  • Register Your shop Under Shop and Establishment Act